Freshmen Move-In Day…

Today several freshmen moved in Duke. U-Hauls all over the place, of course, and many parents helping their kids carry their furniture, belongings, and boxes full of clothes. Some sophomores and juniors wearing colorful t-shirts helped the freshmen out in this exciting day! As I wandered around East Campus -where all the freshmen live during their first year- I took some pictures of the busy move-in, my first assignment for The Chronicle this year.

Welcome to Duke, class of 2018!…



Be Here Now (365)…

Remember, Now, Be Here Now
As it’s not like it was before.
The past, was, Be Here Now
As it’s not like it was before – it was

George Harrison – “Be Here Now”

I started this blog one year ago, on June 2nd. Four hundred forty-one days later, I reached my 365th post today. For such a special celebration, I decided to choose one of my favorite pictures and try to replicate it here and now. That’s why I chose this photo of Duke’s East Campus taken on February 13th:


We had three snow days last spring because of snow. No classes, no events, even no buses running on campus. At some point, it was insane. However, instead of just staying warm at home cooking a stew and watching a TV show (ok, let’s be honest, I did that at some point too,) I wandered around both Duke campuses with my two Canon cameras (a color digital one and a b/w analog one.)

For I was taking a black and white photography class last term, I wanted to portray one of my favorite subjects (trees) and their beauty when they were covered in white, something that is quite rare here in North Carolina. Notice the way in which trunks, branches and the bench pop up because of the contrast with the snow. I was delighted by such beautiful vision!

Compare the previous image with this one:


The exact same place, almost quite the same angle. Green, everything is so green. Even the wooden bench blends with the green ground to some extent and, of course, hundreds of leaves cover the branches now. Green is probably the color of summer here in Durham. Lots of trees in the area, by Trinity Park, the trails on North Old Durham, Sarah Duke Gardens… Not that much in downtown though, where construction is all over the place as I pointed out previously.

“Be Here Now” today in Durham means going for a walk and enjoying both the warm weather and the smell of geraniums everywhere. It’s good to be here now and be part of such a wonderful summer day…